The Stretch Ceiling Miami

Stretch ceiling has been on the market worldwide since decade, this wonderful product was created in France more than 40 years ago.

The beginning of the stretch ceiling was specially to hide imperfect ceiling, cracks, painting peels and cable or pipe.

After those year the stretch ceiling has become a real part of our home decoration and a lot of designer are considering now the 5th wall is a real important space.

– We use the ORIGINAL method of Stretch Ceiling that mean our membrane is always removable and can be reinstalled the same day and that as many times as necessary for your convenience or your contractor need.

-Certification – Qualification – Experience – Quality – Price – Service –Warranty.

-We install only the thicker membrane on the market.

-Our glossy membrane is a very high gloss quality.

-We work ONLY with European membrane, not the toxic and smelly one.

-Batica Renov Company has created his own stretch ceiling installation system with significantly upgraded stretch ceiling techniques.

-The stretch ceiling is not always an easy room of 4 angles

– 200sqf, it is also much larger surfaces with a lot of difficulties and when it becomes really complicated, it is at that moment that we recognize a professional.

-We are licensed and insured.-We are Certified Stretch Ceiling Installer since 1990.

– Batica-Renov USA in Florida since 2014..

-We can show you REAL pictures of our job (Not the one Buying on internet).

-We have real proven satisfied customer.

-No Popcorn removal – Renovation – Design.

-We have installed over 1.500.000 Sqf of Stretch Ceiling and counting…

suspended ceiling installation Glossy
stretch ceiling system suspended ceiling tiles

Q : Why have I never heard of Stretch Ceilings Before? A : The Stretch Ceiling System started in Europe in the 1970’s but became very popular after the 1990’s, where it is now in high demand. Nevertheless, the stretch ceiling has never been advertised on the retail market in the past, since it has always been exclusively used by the construction industry and interior designers, which partly explains this absence of information. . Q : What is a Stretch Ceiling? A : A Stretch Ceiling is a suspended ceiling system that consists of two components: a Track and a Lightweight Membrane, which stretches and clips into the Track. . Q : Where Stretch Ceilings can be used? A : Indoors, anywhere a ceiling needs to be installed or replaced. . Q : Does the Stretch Ceiling System require any particular maintenance? A : The Stretch Ceiling System requires NO MAINTENANCE, If necessary, it can be cleaned with regular household cleaning agents or just soap and water. Avoid the use of strong chemicals or solvents as these may void the warranty. . Q : Do Stretched Ceilings come in different colors? A : Yes, we offer over 200 colors to choose from, as well as 10 finishes such as Matte – Satin – Lacquer – Translucent – Perforated – Suede... . Q : Is the Stretch Ceiling System only installed in Europe? A : No. Besides being quite a popular product and in high demand in Europe, it is actually also present around the world, on all 5 continents, more precisely in 120 countries, the U.S. included, of course. . Q : What is the resistance of Batica-Renov Stretch Ceilings? A : The membrane can hold the volume of about 26 gallons of water per 10 square feet, this type of ceiling can help avoid a major water damage in your home. . Q : Can you clean a Stretch Ceiling? A : In normal use, a Stretch Ceiling does not need to be cleaned. If it were to be stained, you can use a regular household cleaning product or just soap and water. On a glossy (Lacquer) ceilings, you must not use any abrasive product. Please feel free to contact us for more advice. . Q : Is the Stretch Ceiling Batica-Renov recyclable? A : Yes, this type of Ceiling is 100% recyclable so eco-friendly.